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Client Services Advisory

“It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want. Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves".
– Steve Jobs


At PIVOT we consider the above inspirational quote about teamwork, commitment to ‘lasting relationships’ and ‘to understand before being understood and ‘help others succeed’ ensuring the success of all stakeholders.


In the fast paced, dynamic and complex world of Capital markets in emerging and developed economies, servicing plays a PIVOTAL role between the provider, the user and nameless and faceless end user in today’s electronic world. This is especially true in the highly competitive service-driven industry like Securities Services where user and end user are sometimes transparent to the service provider and where perception management reigns supreme.


If your endeavor is to be the best in the Capital Markets in the space that PIVOT supports then your journey begins here!


PIVOT’s unparalleled and profound Global and local expertise and experience enables and motivates us to develop clients’ Service delivery and Service Management solutions which are best in class. It is our constant endeavor to ensure that our solutions are used as benchmarking tool to compare results to others in the industry. Our offering is in the three key formats: Advanced, Emerging and Frontier Capital markets.


At PIVOT, we recognize that Client Servicing is a highly competitive segment demanding continuous engagement and timely course correction. Additionally supplemented by high level of Regulator interactions, capacity to do impact analysis, providing a differentiator Tech driven solution, reengineering of underlying processes, realignment of teams/team structures, designing MIS and training. We also recognize that our client (or client of our client) could be an internal stake holder and /or external holder or a professional service provider. We work in all these Scenarios.


What do we do:

  • Developing the team structure, job descriptions, Training

  • Develop Tech solutions for effective servicing with due consideration to market practice and intent of underlying regulation

  • Develop best-in-class servicing modules/ methodologies, that builds relationship, faster TAT, reduces cost of investment

  • Develop communication/instruction formats, to service different types of institutional clients – local and cross-border.

  • Develop Global standards and its implementation

  • Provide best in class solutions that lead to optimizing client experience

  • Guidance for managing Service Reviews and Due Diligence Visits / questionnaires / service related questions in RFPs

  • Guidance on client communication on market developments affecting them, its contents and frequency management

  • Assist in driving change, developing strategies and approaches during changing times

  • Setting benchmark for service standards without compromising on operational, legal, and reputational risks


If you have a requirement not listed in the above- we will be happy to listen and develop solution/s 😊

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