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Broking Advisory

Our  expert hands-on knowledge of brokerage firms and their capabilities, and ability to develop strategic integrated solutions, has enabled brokerage firms to develop new revenue streams, leverage their capabilities, and develop client relationships- especially in the Institutional and FPI space.


Our deep knowledge of FPI Regulation, expert understanding of FPIs requirements, ability to develop structures, products and services, develop sales and marketing collateral, act as third party assessor for systems and technology, tap potential client segments, engage in market advocacy and participation at industry events are key strengths leveraged by Broking entities.

We developed a unique, customised solution that enables Institutions and/or FPI’s to access Indian Capital Markets with greatest ease. The process includes identification and engaging with leading Brokerage firms in developing and leveraging their capabilities to offer solutions that address the needs of FPIs, especially Category II investors.

Our expert knowledge on the outflow business(Indian Investors investing overseas) assist broking entities to develop Robust solutions for their HNI clients.

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