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Webinar || June 2021

Cyprus : Attractive EU Gateway to India

From June 14,2021 Category 1 FPI's can come through Cyprus. A distinguished panelist from CYSEC, BSE, CIFA, ICICI, PIVOT, Share their views 


Custody || April 2021

The New Normal In Securities Services (Custody) and Others: TSSAG Members’ Views
From Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and India

India’s Benchmark Index BSE Sensex crossed the magical 50,000... published by BBF


FPI || September 2020

Cyprus as fund centre

In the first of a new series, GC brings together two experts with a common interest... published by Global Custodian Magazine


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Products || August 2020

Listed Warrants- Contributing to Economic development of Indian Economy 

Structured warrants are financial instruments issued by a third-party financial institution ...


Broking || September 2019

Winds of Change

Since 1875 stockbroking community played a stellar role on developing India's capital markets and in wealth... published by BSE Brokers Forum (BBF)


Custody || September 2018

Expanding the Custodian’s Role in Settlement for India’s HNIs

Indian retail investors (non-institutional) have been settling equity trades through brokerage firms since 1875, embracing complex products and multiple... published by Regulation Asia


Custody || April 2018

India's Pivotal Single Country Custodian

A few weeks ago, Roger Harrold published an interesting and enriching article on, “Sub- Custody- Visibility over the Business Case”...


FPI || October 2017

India's - Gods Own Country for FPIs?

While much focus is centered on the growing FDI investments with Financial Year 2016-17 recording... published by Prime Database


TSSAG || June 2021

Grey Cost: Know Your Market

TSSAG board members Barnaby Nelson, Viraj Kulkarni, Matthieu
Herbeau, and Jim Harris discuss grey costs, the impact of clients on
initial market entry, and the changes expected in the near future... published by Asset Servicing Times

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FPI || June 2021

BSE FPI Handbook 2021

Foreign Portfolio Investors

Easing Access to India... published by BSE

School LIbrary

FPIs || September 2020

Interest Payment

RBI Foreign Exchange Department Notification No. FEMA 5(R)/2016-RB  of April 01, 2016...

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Infrastructure || June 2020

Grey Costs per Trade

Oversight, Hidden Risk and Opportunity

In an era of investor protection, regulation, big data and cost cutting, it is amazing how polarizing that question... published by The Value Exchange


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FPI flows|| June 2019

Vulnerability of Capital Markets to FPI Inflows

Until June 2019, 9425 FPIs accounted for about $492 Billion of Assets in India, accounting for almost 40% of... published by Prime Database

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Custody || July 2018

“India Securities Services 2020 – A Growing Market”

At  PIVOT,  we believe that India’s investment into developing its infrastructure, increased movement..

Custody || January 2018

Global Custodian Roundtable - Mumbai

In January, Global Custodian visited Mumbai to bring together a range of sub-custodians... published by Global Custodian Magazine


Infrastructure || June 2017

PIVOT's Suggestion to SEBI

Making India attractive: Attracting Foreign Portfolio Investors...

Business Introduction

TSSAG || April 2021

Introducing TSSAG

Mark Kerns underlines the unique role of TSSAG in driving connectivity and thought leadership in today's securities services industry – in his interview with Richard Schwartz


Infrastructure || December 2020

Settlement Through Custodian for India's Non-Institutional Investors

Indian Capital Market Regulator, Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is examining the possibility... published at TSSAG


Leadership || September 2020

Atma Nirbhar - Suggestions for SEBI

Creating Jobs, Revenue, global recognisations, savings, creating confidence ...

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FPI || April 2020

Ease... Keep Them Coming

Ease added trust and confidence as well. As Indians, we are never satisfied and forever seeking change!... published by BSE Brokers Forum (BBF)

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Custody || December 2018

Global Custodian - New Year Prediction

As we enter the New Year, Global Custodian asks a range of industry experts to give their predictions... published by Global Custodian Magazine

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Custody || June 2018

Custodians for Indian Retail Investors?

PIVOT in July 2014 advocated settlement of Secondary Market transactions through custodians for India’s HNIs...

Networking Event

FPI || 2017

Malgré la révision du traité fiscal, Maurice classé deuxième pays investisseur en Inde

Les investissements étrangers transitant par la juridiction ... published by lexpress

Custody || July 2016

Custodian Bank - India Adopting Global Trends

The First Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2016-17 by Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan, Governor of Reserve Bank of India...