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Fund Administration Services

Mutual Fund



PIVOT team has deep experience and expertise in developing “Fund Administration Services”. Our expertise includes:

  • Undertaking market Study

  • Developing products, positioning product offerings across customer groups Guiding/enabling establishing strategic alliances

  • Developing operational capability,

  • Determining Technology driven Solutions

  • Developing Governance Structures and job descriptions

  • Training

  • Thought leadership

  • Revenue enrichment and marketing collaterals


Significant increase in inflows into the Asset Management space (MF, AIF & PE) has contributed to the growth of Fund Services segment in India to be of $360 Billion. We expect this to reach $500 Billion in the next few years. Fund accounting services are an essential value added services and plays an equally important role in growth / retention of Custody Services. Such growth will need to be accompanied by better practices, more international standards. We believe, we have the right credentials and capability to play an active role.

Solutions for Asset Managers:

  • Engage in RFP / RFI process

  • Enabling cost effectiveness

  • Undertake Due Diligence on new / existing service provider 

  • Undertake System / process Assessments

  • Developing thought-leadership

  • Review of existing processes and products and implementation of best practices

  • Providing local and cross border solutions

  • Assisting in rolling out integrated solutions

  • Undertake Basic and advanced Training on Fund Accounting concepts and processes 

Solutions for Service providers:

  • Undertake market assessment

  • Engage in Market advocacy and visibility

  • Undertake Product development and enhancement

  • Assist in RFP / RFI Submissions 

  • Process reviews and process enhancements including developing of Standard Operating Procedures

  • System evaluation and implementation

  • Training and development for the fund admin team

  • Benchmarking of services 

  • Integration between Custody and Fund accounting services 

  •  Building key differentiators and competitiveness

  • Develop local and cross border strategic alliances


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