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Financial District
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Innovative, Disruptive, Scale

PE,AIF & Institutions

PIVOT undertakes Due Diligence, Business assessment wrt. acquisitions/Set up( local or cross border) for leading PE's, Institutions.


PIVOT was engaged by a leading Indian PE to undertake Due Diligence as well as assess Business potential of a key  infrastructure Institution in the Indian Capital Market.


PIVOT (erstwhile Viraj Kulkarni and Associates) was retained by a leading UK based global PE undertake Due Diligence and evaluate from a strategic perspective, key intermediaries in the Transfer Agency space.

PIVOT's overseas assignment included assessment of the Capital market Infrastructure and determining its potential.

PIVOT's keen understanding of the Macro business drivers, revenue parameters, expert understanding of financials  and strategy, risks and regulatory practices,  potential opportunities and challenges, assessment of forthcoming External changes, Business and operational requirements, assessment of the management team, Assessment of Technology driven solutions and redundancies,  assisted PEs to gain comprehensive view of their investments and valuations of such Institutions. 


PIVOT has also provided industry insights, advocated best practices, published reports, and structured strategic alliances.

ESCROW Solutions

.PIVOT has deep experience and expertise in developing “Escrow Solution” for the FDI segment and has established strategic networks to provide an integrated solution. Our expertise includes developing the product, positioning of Escrow product offerings across customer groups, guiding/enabling establishing strategic alliances, and developing product and operational capability.

Significant increase in FDI inflows and rapid development of Infrastructure has contributed to the growth of Escrow segment. Escrow arrangements mitigate counterparty risk by ensuring a portion of the funds is set aside with a neutral third party and set up a contractual agreement to govern the movement of funds.

Major Escrow Solutions active in Indian Capital Markets:

  • M&A Escrow

  • Subscription Escrow

  • Regulatory Escrow

  • Construction Fund Escrow

  • Split Fee/JV collection Escrow

  • Performance Guarantee Escrow

  • Physical Safe Keeping

  • Source Code Escrow

  • Trust & Retention

  • Import-Export Payments


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