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Innovative, Disruptive, Scale

Securities Services

A proven ability in providing end-to-end Custodial Advisory Services

PIVOT's expertise lies in: 

  • Business set up/ Transformation aimed at growing franchise 

  • Integrated Client centric technology driver solutions

  • Thought leadership and Cross border solutions

  • Workshops and training, Surveys

Our Securities Services clients have gained significant visibility and efficiency through Global ratings- driven by PIVOT's multi-pronged approach. We work with our clients to develop regular thought leadership initiatives, innovative products and services, and integrated technology driven solutions. Our clients benefitted from a clear growth plan, strengthened strategies, revenue and AUC accretion, and sustained Operational efficiency to build towards increased competitive advantage

Mr. Sumit Sanghai, Head – Large Clients Group, Capital Markets, Custody & Financial sponsor, ICICI Bank, October 2021

“Pivot has an excellent understanding and deep expertise of Custody business. ICICI Bank has been working closely with Pivot. 

Pivot’s team is very pro-active backed by deep experience. Pivot’s strategic agility in a dynamic and evolving market is admirable. I wish Viraj and his team the very best in their future endeavours.”

Mr. Ramesh N.G.S, Managing Director and CEO, StockHolding, March 2018

“Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, India’s premier and longest serving Custodian found a suitable partner in “PIVOT Management Consulting” (PIVOT). PIVOT is one of India’s leading Consulting firms in the securities space, backed by an experienced team equipped with over 50 man-years of global and local expertise in the custody space. PIVOT worked closely with StockHolding’s team for over two years and helping in rolling out cutting edge investor focussed solutions, developing thought leadership and providing strategic insights, especially in the FPI space.”

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