Training & Mentoring

Team PIVOT devised and launched the first of its kind 40 hours comprehensive course on Securities Services. The course covers:

  • Basic and advanced concepts 

  • Business Cases

  • Regulatory and Non Regulatory framework

  • Local & Global  knowledge and expertise 

  • Business and Operations

  • Products and services

  • Client centricity, Sales and Marketing 

  • Revenue forecasting and strategy

  • Tech driven solutions

  • Role of Network management and Risk management  

  • Best practices and Market advocacy

  • Taxation

  • RFI and RFP

  • Sec lending

  • Relationship management and strategic alliances

PIVOT delivers trainings using a combination of:

  • E-learning tools

  • On-site training 

  • Engaging Industry Experts

  • Leveraging its team's deep and global experience

  • Customised materials ​​

  • Webinars and workshops

  • On the Job training


Alongwith TSSAG members, PIVOT is developing cross border Curriculum. More information on TSSAG website (


PIVOT's founder Viraj Kulkarni is listed as an Industry expert on the NSE Academy.