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Training & Mentoring

Securities Services


Team PIVOT devised and launched the first of its kind 35 hours comprehensive course on Securities Services. The course covers:

  • Basic and advanced concepts 

  • Business Cases

  • Regulatory and Non Regulatory framework

  • Local & Global  knowledge and expertise 

  • Business and Operations

  • Products and services

  • Client centricity, Sales and Marketing 

  • Revenue forecasting and strategy

  • Tech driven solutions

  • Role of Network management and Risk management  

  • Best practices and Market advocacy

  • Taxation

  • RFI and RFP

  • Sec lending

  • Relationship management and strategic alliances

PIVOT delivers trainings using a combination of:

  • E-learning tools

  • On-site training 

  • Engaging Industry Experts

  • Leveraging its team's deep and global experience

  • Customised materials ​​

  • Webinars and workshops

  • On the Job training

Alongwith TSSAG members, PIVOT is developing cross border Curriculum. More information on TSSAG website (

Viraj Kulkarni is a PROFIT Accelerator Mentor, funded by Asian Development Bank to support enterprises/ entrepreneurs in India and in the greater Mekong sub region (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia). The project is coordinated by IMC Worldwide, UK and BCCI, India.

PIVOT's founder Viraj Kulkarni is listed as an Industry expert on the NSE Academy.

Fund Accounting

Team PIVOT devised and launched the comprehensive course on Fund Accounting. The course covers:


Level 1 : Basics of Fund Accounting

  •  Basics of Fund accounting

  •  Business Case / Need for Fund accounting

  •  Basic Regulatory overview

  •  Accounting for Securities Master and Trade Capture Process

  •  Income Accounting

  •  Expense Accounting

  •  Corporate Action and Capital Accounting

  •  Income Equalisation and Dividend Declaration (Basics)

  •  Basics of Valuation

  •  Operations Risk Management

  •  Reporting Basics

  •  NAV Processing and Related Controls

  •  Local & Global  knowledge and expertise 

  •  Client centricity, Sales and Marketing 

  •  Revenue forecasting and strategy

  •  Tech driven solutions

  •  Best practices and Market advocacy

  •  Taxation

Level 2 : Advance concepts and challenges

  • Equalization Methodologies

  • Fixed income Valuation concept

  • Other Adhoc Valuations (Ex Demergers, rights, warrants, Lock-in shares)

  • International Securities Valuation

  • Expense Admin and related Nuances

  • RFI and RFP

  • Reconciliation

  • RTA and Performance Fees

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