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PIVOT's Client Engagement

Launched in July 2019, we devised a comprehensive and diverse Workshop in Securities Services for middle and senior management of a Securities Services Custodian Bank. The 40 hours module covered diverse aspects of Securities Services covering Business, Operations, Risk and compliance, Client Management and network management, Sales and Marketing, Tech driven Solutions and MIS. Local markets and Global markets, Best practices and market advocacy.


This assisted the team in standardisation of knowledge and information, enriching team work, a better understanding of each others roles, goal congruency and cross leveraging, effective understanding of client requirements and competitive landscape, key revenue drivers and revenue maximisation, engaging in Industry leadership and visibility, better participation on global ratings.

We have conducted expert sessions for Directors of Boards of some of the leading Custodians.


Beside we have presented the Indian Securities Services space to the overseas management teams of a number of Custodians.


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