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Capital Market Infrastructure

PIVOT's team has deep exposure to and understanding of the Capital Market Infrastructure in Emerging and Advanced Markets. The team has demonstrated and developed large format yet detailed local and cross border solutions. We have an expert understanding of Exchanges, Depositories, Clearing Corporations, Clearing houses and cross border framework.

PIVOT's team members have been part of the policy making process. This team is intimately familiar with Regulatory framework, developing and implementing processes and procedures, co-ordinating with the intermediaries in the Ecosystem,  introducing best practices, and engaging in thought leadership and market advocacy. PIVOT's team also analyses the impacts of the Capital Market set up and provide recommendations.


We have also taken up and delivered project studies on developing  SME segment for and European  Jurisdiction.

We have worked with a leading Middle East Jurisdiction, which accepted and implemented our recommendation in selecting a Mutual Fund Platform.

PIVOT conceptualised and served as a knowledge partner of the popular BSE- ICCL Handbook, " Easing Access to India".

PIVOT provides recommendations to the industry, SROs, Regulatory bodies (including the Atma Nirbhar initiatives) on topics spanning cross -border outflow solutions, Depository Receipts, identifying Cross border business potential for Indian Infrastructure agencies, and on developing markets to attract FPIs.

PIVOT hosted an Industry thought leadership exercise in 2018: Theme: Roadmap and opportunities to take India AUC (Assets under Custody) from USD 1.2 Trillion to USD 2 Trillion AUC by 2020.  In January  2021, India AUC (inspite of the almost year long COVID impact) stood at $ 1.9 Trillion. 

See insights section for some of the initiatives.

Mr. Ashishkumar Chauhan, Managing Director and CEO, BSE, May 2018

“BSE Group Companies have been taking help from PIVOT over the last two years. Creating handbook on ‘Easing Access to India’ for international investors was clearly an important milestone in this relationship. Your team’s capabilities are well proven. I wish you and PIVOT, the very best in your future endeavors.”

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