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Innovative, Disruptive, Scale

Planning to expand existing business?

PIVOT maps, measures your aspirations, identifies gaps, develops competitiveness through strategic solutions that are quantifiable and aid decision-making. Our clients also rely on our expertise to validate/develop their business plan/strategies.

PIVOT’s activities involve:

  • Listening- Engage with you in understanding your aspirations, developing goals

  • Examining current assumptions, drivers and where needed - querying the same

  • Conduct independent research and analysis ; Identifying the gaps

  • Develop and implement  solutions that address gaps and enhance the value proposition

  • Measure outcomes/ take next steps


PIVOT supports in developing business plan by:

  • Understanding and/or developing business model/plan

  • Determining and prioritizing with you, the action steps

  • Positioning the Business

  • Establishing the measurements and alternate strategies


PIVOT’s innovative disruptive solutions aims at Promoting Scale, Revenue, Market Share, Ability, Improving Sales, Improving Client Centricity, Market positioning and Brand Building.